Android screen of death problem

Android screen of death problem Android screen of death issue Have you ever had the notification light blink but nothing appears on the screen? Or your Android phone’s battery is draining too fast. If so then you are facing the Android black screen of death. Keep reading, you can find the answer why and how about this issue.

Android screen of death problem

The phone light flashes but the device is not responding.
The phone hangs and freezes frequently.
The mobile phone restarts and crashes more often and the battery is drained faster.
The phone restarts by itself.

If you encounter these situations, then you may be facing the Android black screen of death issue. Follow this article, and we will discuss how to get rid of this annoying problem easily.

Android devices can encounter this black screen of death due to a certain number of circumstances such as: Android screen of death issue.

Installing an incompatible app or apps with bugs and viruses
Keep the mobile charged for a long time after being fully charged.
Use of an incompatible charger.
Use an old battery.

Android screen of death problem
Android screen of death problem

Android screen of death problem

Android (in English: Android) is a free and open source operating system based on the Linux kernel, mainly designed for touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Android system was developed by the Open Alliance for Mobile Phones managed by Google.

Android screen of death problem

The user interface of the system is primarily based on direct manipulation, using tactile gestures that are highly compatible with realistic movements, such as tapping, swiping and pinching in order to manipulate objects on the screen panel, in addition to a virtual keyboard

Android screen of death problem

to enter text. Google has developed touch-screen devices as well as Android TV devices for Auto TVs for cars, and Android Wear for wristwatches. Each developed with its own user interface. Kinds of systems are also used on computers

Android screen of death problem

laptops, game consoles, digital cameras, and other electronic devices.


Android screen of death problem.

The problem of the screen of death in many Android users faced the problem of the “screen of death” and the device turned off without working again, and this is due to several reasons, including: –

Downloading “software for the phone” or “downloading an invalid system for the phone” or “the device was exposed to a virus through the computer” “downloading a program outside the Google Play Store” “disconnecting the device when pairing with the computer” “running more than one application or game without Locking the rest” “Talking on the phone when charging” This is

one of the most common Android problems. Unfortunately, this issue has no cure, but it has prevention, so always take care of your personal phone.

Protect your phone to avoid the Android screen of death.

We always say prevention is better than cure, so always remember to protect your phone because it does not reach the screen of death.

– Download Antivirus from the Google Play Store and search for any viruses for the phone, and there are many free programs.

– Do not create software for the device from an external source, but always follow the approved official websites.

– Before you connect your phone to your computer, first make sure that the computer is free of viruses, and you can refer to the lesson (the most powerful protection and security programs 2019).


– Do not download external programs in apk format and install them on your phone, as they are not safe and are always cracked and infected with viruses.

– Do not disconnect your phone when pairing with your computer unless pairing is completed first.

– Do not run more than one application at the same time without closing the open application first, and you can also refer to the lesson (applications that drain your device’s battery).

– Do not talk on the Android phone while charging, as this affects the battery and the processor as well.

Check your phone for system errors.

Android screen of death problem
Android screen of death problem

Download the “Ccleaner program” for the phone, I will leave you the program link below the explanation, and always check your phone through the program, as it is excellent for the mobile phone and also excellent for the computer, and you can refer to the lesson (blue screen problem and its solution) to learn how the program works for your computer.

The problem of the death screen in Android

At the end of the matter, I tell you that unfortunately the death screen has no treatment. When your phone is disconnected more than once and it always restarts and does not boot again except when the charger is connected, this problem, unfortunately, is

with the processor in the device and has no treatment. This is from experience, and also check with Android customer service That there is no cure for this, in this case the processor cannot be changed, as it is the brain of the device, and you buy a second phone because there is no change in the processor.

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Android screen of death problem